What Is Our Mission?

In 2012 Micah, age ten, attended the Montesssori School in nearby Surigao City, where she earned straight A's.  She  studied English, mathematics, geography, computer skills, performing arts, and journalism.  Her success proved that in the right scholastic environment Borjan's children could shine.  In 2013 we established a relationship with the Pilot School.  Also located in Surigao, Pilot has highly qualified, accredited teachers and better facilities.  Micah continues to thrive there with seventeen other children from Borjan, who we have sponsored since June 2013.

The Borjan Children's Fund covers costs of enrollment, tuition, uniforms, school supplies, transportation, and a daily meal.  Future donations will enable us to sponsor more children as well as provide after-school tutoring for those struggling with the more challenging academic demands.

Our elementary class children have expressed hopes to one day attend college or various trade schools.  We have been exploring options with foreign student exchange programs in the United States when that day comes.
Children in rural areas of the Republic of the Philippines face an uncertain future without access to education. 

Like kids everywhere, they have hopes and aspirations.  They dream of becoming doctors, nurses, or teachers, but  those goals are difficult to sustain.  Many public schools in this region are badly overcrowded, with high student-teacher ratios, and classrooms that lack basic supplies.  Certain schools offer better opportunities, but the tuition and travel expenses are luxuries few can afford.  By the standards of the industrialized West, the cost of a good education is modest, but for these children and their families, it is unfeasible.

In 2012 the Borjan Children's Fund was conceived in order to offer budding young students hope: a chance to fulfill their dreams, develop their talents, and achieve a better life.  Monies are used for tuition, books, school supplies, and medical needs.

Our fund is giving Borjan's children access to modern dentistry.  In January 2013 Nikka experienced her first comprehensive dental examination.  She now has her own toothbrush and will visit the dentist regularly.

Here, Carrelle shows off her brushing               technique!  Surprisingly, almost all the kids ask to go to the dentist.
Mary was born with Down Syndrome.  She has always been shy and reserved at our community children's meals.

There's a special school in Surigao for children with special needs.  Her mother reports Mary is thriving and happy when she comes home from school.

Kyla got an infection on her feet and when she touched it, it spread to her hands.  Without immediate medical intervention, it could have led to loss of fingers and parts of her feet or even death.  Kyla even lost consciousness from the infection but we're happy to say we got her into a private hospital for an overnight stay with IV antibiotics and she's fine now.  Cost: about $250.  For a life.

According to a study by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Philippines is the fourth most disaster prone country in the world. Natural disasters are common in Mindanao.  They include flooding from torrential tropical rains, frequent earthquakes, and typhoons.  Because our local staffer and all volunteers live right in the village we are able to organize relief efforts for residents of Borjan right away.  When an earthquake destroyed many homes in 2017, we put together 50 packages of dried fish, rice, noodles and some treats and sent them home with the kids.
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