How Are We Different?

There are hundreds of charities and foundations designed to help underprivileged children throughout the world, and many of them do critically important work. The Borjan Children’s Fund differs from other organizations in its size, scope, and mode of operation.  It is small and independently funded and operated.  This means that every penny of the fund is applied toward supporting the children. The entirety of each contribution goes to tuition, school supplies, transportation, school lunches, books, medicine, and other child-related expenses. There are no salaried professionals. Those who give their time do so under the founder’s direction, on a volunteer basis.

-- Why Should You Donate? --

Because contributions will substantively change people's lives.

In Borjan, living conditions are extremely harsh. Access to medical care is limited, and, until now,  preventive dental care almost unheard of. Mosquito-transmitted diseases such as Dengue Fever kill children every year. On average, these boys and girls have one meal per day, which consists mainly of rice, eating protein perhaps twice a week. Those who can afford to attend badly overcrowded public schools, with class sizes of fifty or more and dilapidated buildings lacking basic resources.   But despite the challenges they face in terms of survival, these people extend themselves to newcomers. It was this hospitality that first struck the Borjan Children's Fund director and inspired him to make a difference in their lives,  starting a charity.  Although these villagers have next to nothing, they continue to  invite him into their homes and share what they have.

To break the cycle of poverty, we require funds. Numerous celebrities have focused the world's attention on famine and other crises' in Africa, and the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti attracted international attention and brought some aid to that region, but Mindanao in the southern Philippines has been largely forgotten as terrorism has driven many relief organizations away. Supporters of the Borjan Children's Fund address the needs of overlooked, badly impoverished young children in this part of the world.

-- Will Your Support Make a Difference?--

Yes. Even small donations are extremely significant.

A little goes a long way in rural Philippines. A donation of two hundred dollars covers one year of private-school tuition for a student.  Four dollars per week provides a daily school lunch. Thirty dollars pays the cost of school books for an entire academic year. Twenty  dollars covers a visit to a pediatrician. Two dollars purchases a tube of medicine that cures one child of scabies, a parasitic skin infection common in Borjan. Ten dollars fills a cavity.  Three hundred can potentially cure TB.

-- Is There Specific Donation Information That You Need?--

The Borjan Children's Fund is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our tax-identification number is 45-5472465.  Those who contribute more than twenty dollars will receive a receipt automatically.  Donors of less than twenty dollars can use their cancelled checks or credit-card statements as records and may request a receipt.


Every donation helps girls like Chin, Kikai, Kung and Kulot, whose spirits remain undimmed, despite the poverty in which they live.

Because of constant flooding in Borjan, it is impossible to sustain even small, private vegetable gardens. 

Fifty cents buys a toy for a child like Pik, who has never had one before.

Other girls like Raiza would love to go to a good school.  Let's help them.
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