What/Where Is Borjan?

Periodically, these sparse Borjan shelters are wracked by typhoons.  In addition to tropical diseases, tsunamis are a threat.

Several years ago, Jimbuoy was electrocuted by exposed wires.  Local doctors saved his life, but his injuries left him unable to stand or walk. Physicians say he has an excellent chance of walking again with rehabilitative therapy, but this treatment is only available to those who can pay.  When we first met him, he spent days and nights on a bench inside a home like those pictured above.  The Borjan Children's Fund procured a wheelchair; now he is mobile. Thirty dollars per week will cover treatment that will likely restore the use of his legs.  Let's get him walking again.

Our fund is providing antibiotics to treat his condition, and Archie is improving!

  Borjan is a rural village located in northeastern Mindanao, Republic of the Philippines. With a population of approximately twelve hundred, it is located four miles from Surigao City, near the Kinabutan River, bordering the Philippine Sea. The village is situated on a tidal flood plain, with land that is not arable. Sea water floods Borjan at high tide and drains at low tide.  When the water ebbs, the villagers  gather small amounts of marine life that are left stranded in brackish ponds.  This "harvest" provides their chief sustenance. Often it is meager, and the children go hungry.  There is little industry, and jobs in this region are scarce, so residents of Borjan endure a life of grinding subsistence: a weekly -- often daily -- struggle for survival.

This area is scavenged for stranded marine life at low tide to provide protein for the residents of Borjan.

Tuberculosis is no longer a threat in the West.  In Bioborjan children like Archie develop lesions when the TB bacteria spread from the lungs to the lymph.
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