What Is Our Mission?

In 2012 Micah, age ten, attended the Montesssori School in nearby Surigao City, where she earned straight A's.  She  studied English, mathematics, geography, computer skills, performing arts, and journalism.  Her success proved that in the right scholastic environment Borjan's children could shine.  In 2013 we established a relationship with the Pilot School.  Also located in Surigao, Pilot has highly qualified, accredited teachers and better facilities.  Micah continues to thrive there with twelve other children from Borjan, who we have sponsored since June 2013.

Children in rural areas of the Republic of the Philippines face an uncertain future without access to education. 

Like kids everywhere, they have hopes and aspirations.  They dream of becoming doctors, nurses, or teachers, but  those goals are difficult to sustain.  Many public schools in this region are badly overcrowded, with high student-teacher ratios, and classrooms that lack basic supplies.  Certain schools offer better opportunities, but the tuition and travel expenses are luxuries few can afford.  By the standards of the industrialized West, the cost of a good education is modest, but for these children and their families, it is unfeasible.

In 2012 the Borjan Children's Fund was conceived in order to offer budding young students hope: a chance to fulfill their dreams, develop their talents, and achieve a better life.  Monies are used for tuition, books, school supplies, and medical needs.

Our fund is giving Borjan's children access to modern dentistry.  In January 2013 Nikka experienced her first comprehensive dental examination.  She now has her own toothbrush and will visit the dentist regularly.

We are proud of our thirteen young scholars.  The Borjan Children's Fund covers                  costs of enrollment, tuition,uniforms, school supplies, transportation, and a daily meal.  Future donations will enable us to sponsor more children.

Launched in February 2013, our meal program serves children in Borjan a communally prepared dinner every Wednesday and Saturday. Here they enjoy lugaw, a traditional Filipino stew of diced chicken, vegetables, and rice.

We add a micro-nutrient vitamin and mineral supplement to the stew as well as malunggay, a highly nutritious herb that grows locally.
Malnutrition, which exposes children to
myriad diseases, is an ongoing problem in this
part of the Philippines.  Addressing this
concern, we expanded our meal program in
August 2013.  We now feed 35-65 children
twice a week.  Additional gifts will enable us
to maintain and expand this program.
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